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I have known Ezra, professionally for the past 4 years. Ezra has a good understanding of business operations and his professionalism, drive and work ethic are top notch. We have helped each other with clients in the past and he has always been someone I could count on. I would recommend EZF Balance for any opportunity in the future
Erik Schaefer
Health and Welfare at Gallagher Vice President
Ezra from EZF Balance quickly adapted to our workstyle. He illustrated a deep knowledge of the entire workflow. Within a short time ezra created a plan, a cue from the work orders to the project manager sign-offs , accounts payable prior to remittance, all in a simple yet organized manner so that no request falls through the cracks. Great insight. Project by project we now have a better handle on contract negotiations because ezra can compartmentalize soft costs from hard costs. No two locations are the same, but at the very least, we know what the targeted take home is at full occupancy. Bright and respectful.
Vasco Ventures
Real Estate Investment Group
As the owner of a small accounting firm, the “extra” projects requested by my clients can really throw off my staff budgeting time. A twenty hour five year projection, a several days due diligence project, a complicated purchase vs. lease option calculation and other such extras is where EZF’s services perfectly complement my practice. Their reports are prepared in an easy-to-understand fashion, which makes review and approval that much smoother. If you are looking to outsource some of your accounting needs to a firm that will complement your services, I would highly recommend that you speak to Ezra.
Meyer M. Nebenzahl
Ezra is an experienced operations and accounting professional who will always go the extra mile for his company and clients. He brings a broad base of knowledge and experience as well as a complete sense of pride in his work and ownership of his responsibilities. His excellent technical knowledge and practical experience, combined with his leadership abilities, integrity, and reliability are a core and successful way of living and treating people.
Saul Bakst
Director of Finance and Operations – Philanthropy at TABLE Management LP Pershing Square
EZF Balance is great at financial analysis, specifically commercial real estate. (and Ezra is a great guy)
Josh Rubenstein
CEO of J Builders| Investor | Co founder JCC of Marine Park, & JCON Business Conferences
I know Ezra on a personal level for many years, as well as a co-worker at a public accounting firm. Ezra is a model of professionalism, and he maintains a high dedication to the projects that he is working on. His analytical approach to problem solving is one of his biggest strengths, and his attention to detail enhances the cost-benefit analyses that he prepares.
Elliot Isaac
Director at Mcgladrey
Ezra understood my Business needs by: Going through with me my entire business model and finances. EZF Balance timeliness and completeness was: Excellent. Ezra’s knowledge is: Very thorough. Ezra’s approach to the workload was: Very efficient. Kindly give your review a short, descriptive adjective: He was professional and efficient. In the future, I can call upon EZF Balance for: Anytime my books are out of order and seem overwhelming. I would recommend Ezra because of: His professionalism, efficiency and integrity.
Shmuel Soffer
NKR Laundry 2, Inc.
Ezra is great to work with. Very transparent and diligent throughout the due diligence process.
Jack Stone
Multifamily Investment - Member at Forbes Real Estate Council
I have known Ezra for close to 20 years. EZF Balance’s expertise in feasibility tests, real time analytics and decision supports is unsurpassed!
Michael Ambinder
Director of Human Resources and Staffing at Innovation
Ezra from EZF Balance diligently worked through reconciliations, property by property. He pointed out areas where stronger controls means much better use of time. The day today management is time consuming, I don’t have to panic and shoestring monthly reports anymore, EZF Balance illustrated the inflows and outflows of each property. Ezra was able to extract data from our system, reconcile balances and spit out what the financing companies need to move forward. Great insight. The books are up to date, Our payables are manageable. The Company is operating at much higher levels of efficiency, thanks to Ezra’s diligence and integrity. Bring on 2016.
Tamrak Management Inc.
Real Estate Management
I would recommend Ezra because of: his astute and experienced approach. It is pleasure dealing with Ezra and working through issues with him as he understands the issues and responds with refined wisdom. I would strongly recommend Ezra.
Ethan Kahn